The Parent Friend Association (PFA)

The PFA is a part of the school community to which parents, grandparents and friends can become members. It is headed by a committee and their function is to raise funds to provide additional resources and experiences which the children may not otherwise receive. Each term the PFA provide the book tokens that are given out to the winners of “Stars in a Jar”. 

Fundraising is done in a variety of ways e.g. Ice lolly sales, Cake sales, Discos, Little Recyclers and the selling of pre loved uniform. 

More recently the PFA provided funds for activities such as the Y6 SATS breakfasts, Year 6 Leaver hoodies and have contributed to coach costs for school trips for each year group. 

Without the PFA, the majority of these events would either not take place or would be dependent on higher contributions from parents.

If you are a Facebook user and would like to keep updated with the PFA events, please find and like us on Facebook by searching for “The Pines Parents and Friend’s Association” (PFA) or follow this link:

They hold meetings throughout the school year and copies of the minutes can be requested via email.  If you would like to be involved or find out more about the PFA please email the directly on:

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