Developing a love of reading underpins all of our curriculum aims at The Pines.  We are determined that every child will not only learn to read but learn to love to read!

At The Pines we believe that the love of reading opens doorways for children to explore a world of incredible imagination and gives children the ability to pursue independent learning across the curriculum.

Early Years 

In the Foundation Stage children begin their reading journey by joining in with predictable phrases, using their phonic skills, reading and reciting rhymes, retelling familiar stories and traditional tales using actions and drama. These opportunities, as well as being good fun, develop self-confidence, creativity and the ability to work with others. All children, take part in an either a group or individual reading session once a week based on the reading objectives of the EYFS and the National Curriculum.

Planning for reading is based around a high quality text, often linked to the theme, and teachers use planning guidance from the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education to teaching key reading skills.

Key Stage 1

Children in KS1 also take part in independent reading and spelling based activities daily to provide them with the opportunity to apply and reinforce their current phonics and guided reading teaching. All children have access to high quality home reading books appropriate to their reading level. We encourage daily home reading and communicate with parents using a shared reading diary.

Many English and theme lessons start by exploring a range of texts to include stories, poetry, non-fiction and digital media. Through these texts children develop a love and purpose for reading. Through these opportunities NC reading objectives are highlighted, taught and reinforced.

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